October 03 - December 01, 2012

Charles Biederman: 60 Years of American Modernism

Weinstein Gallery is pleased to announce the debut exhibition of paintings, drawings and constructions by the internationally recognized American master, Charles Biederman (1906-2004).

Charles Biederman: 60 Years of American Modernism

October 5th - December 1st, 2012

Friday, October 5th from 6:00-8:30

Weinstein Gallery is pleased to present Charles Biederman: 60 Years of American Modernism, an extensive survey of works created throughout Biederman's prolific career. 
Continuously pioneering avant-garde art in the early manner of Cubism and Surrealism and culminating with his acclaimed colored aluminum constructions, Biederman is critically accepted as one of the leading contributors to the Modernist movement in America. 

This exhibition encompasses works made prior to the late 1930s, resulting from travels abroad as well as his years living in New York, through the decades producing ground breaking abstract constructions inspired by his dedicated observations of nature. In 1933, Biederman foreshadowed the next 60 years of his career in the following statement:

"The necessary experience cannot be obtained in any other way but from the direct study of nature. I believe, if a man could live long enough painting abstractions, he would finally end up with nature (I mean realism). He would eventually be forced back to nature, to study nature which gives the artist, I think more a complete understanding of abstraction."

For its initial exhibition of Biederman's work, Weinstein Gallery has selected more than 30 paintings and drawings, as well as his influential and conceptual constructions made of wood, plastic, string or aluminum. Charles Biederman has been the subject of exhibitions throughout the world and his works are held by numerous museums and private collections.