June 07 - July 28, 2012

Gordon Parks: at 100

"In my youth, violence became my enemy... 
Photography, writing, music and film are the weapons I use against it..." 
- Gordon Parks

Weinstein Gallery is pleased to present Gordon Parks: At 100, an exhibition of over 40 important photographs by the internationally acclaimed artist, Gordon Parks.

A preeminent photographer, poet, novelist, composer and filmmaker, Parks was one of the most prolific and diverse American artists of the 20th century. 

His photographs span from the social commentary of "American Gothic," to Paris high fashion for Vogue. Parks' photos chronicled the Civil rights movement in Life Magazine for two decades, and his portraits of celebrities like Ingrid Bergman brought him additional levels of fame and distinction.

As a filmmaker he was the first African American man to direct a major Hollywood production with the poignant memoir of his youth, "The Learning Tree," and he broke new ground with a hip and provocative African American hero in "Shaft," a movie that continues to be a pop culture classic.

For its initial exhibition of Parks' work, Weinstein Gallery has selected images that reflect the photographer's cross-cultural, poetic, and humanistic vision. This exhibition of more than 40 photographs encompasses Parks' photographic evolution from rural Kansas and early years in St. Paul to his decades of work as a Life Magazine photographer. 

The gallery is pleased to join The Gordon Parks Foundation and The Museum of Modern Art in New York in celebrating the life and accomplishments of a groundbreaking artist.