October 09 - November 07, 2009

Nickolas Muray: I Will Never Forget You, The Frida Kahlo Portraits

I love you like I would love an angel
You are a Lillie of the valley my love.
I will never forget you, never, never.
You are my whole life.
I hope you will never forget this.

Frida -
May 31, 1931

Weinstein Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of color carbon photographic portraits of Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray.

Nickolas Muray, a Hungarian photographer born in 1892, rose to fame in the 1920's as a fashion and dance photographer, as well as an early innovator of color photography. He met Frida Kahlo in 1931, during a brief trip to Mexico. Their love affair was to continue for another 12 years, spanning her meteoric career rise, deteriorating health, and tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera. 

This exhibition presents color carbon prints that Muray took of Frida between 1937 and 1946. The color print process has an unqualified appropriateness for the vivacity of Kahlo's culture, personality, and traditional dress. To some degree, the iconic status of Kahlo is owed as much to her personal appearance and lifestyle as to her great artistic output. Muray's photographs capture her dynamic spirit.

Although the Carbro print process was developed in the nineteenth century, it was not until Muray's technical expertise enabled it to have a wider application in the photographic arts environment. His color portraiture has been cited by contemporary photographers, including David McDermott and Peter McGough, as a significant influence on their own work.