October 18 - DEcember 06, 2008

The Interior: Contemporary Photographic Views

Weinstein Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary photographs by internationally acclaimed photographers Isidro Blasco, Luis González Palma, Lynn Davis, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Polidori, Nancy Rexroth, Alec Soth, and Paolo Ventura. 

Each photograph in this exhibition presents an interior as the main subject. In many of the images, remnants of life and activity remain: wine bottles stand on windowsills and kitchen shelves, paintings stand on their side in the grand rooms of Versailles, doors are half ajar, and beds are still unmade. 

Isidro Blasco approaches the interior three-dimensionally by creating a sculptural montage of photographs of domestic space. Luis González Palma captures the surreal by photographing intertwining chairs and severed dining room tables while Polidori and Davis photograph the neglected rooms of Versailles and the homes of architects such as Le Corbusier, respectively.

By photographing these interiors, which are often domestic in nature, the photographers grant us access to a private, intimate, and often unseen space. Through the presence of absence, we are able to identify with and imagine the people who inhabited these rooms and made them their own.